About MyPetNetwork

Hello and welcome to My PetNetwork! We developed My PetNetwork for a multitude of reasons but our main focus is to connect pets in shelters with a new family. We have a passion for animals and believe that adopting is a life changing experience. This is why we created My PetNetwork to help families find their forever fur baby and find the resources they need for their pet (for example groomers or trainers) under one website.

Our background is in Web Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, and above everything, pet lovers! We have a Pitbull and Australian Shepherd that have impacted our lives for the better. Our Pitbull’s name is Sakura. She is an 8 year old red nose pitbull who we spayed to prevent her from having puppies. Our Australian Shepherd was found in a desert by a neighbor of ours. She was only a puppy. She was malnourished, dehydrated, and scared. We took her in and fell in love with her instantly. We named her Hazel. Hazel has been with us for 5 years. We also have two cats, Gorda who is 15 years old and Yoyees who is 4 years old. Gorda was about to be put down because she had been a month in the shelter and no one had shown interest in adopting her. She was already a 3 year old cat who was obese. I adopted her without a 2nd thought in my mind. Yoyees was a failed foster. We fell in love with her adorableness and cuteness. She was found as a stray with ringworm, a broken tail and leg. We fostered back to health and stayed with her after her foster period was finished with us.

With our experience with our pets, booking appointments, searching for pets to adopt, rescuing, and fostering we decided to launch My PetNetwork to help other families in El Paso and make the process just a little less complicated. If you have any questions, please message us! We would love to hear from you.

Our Pets, Our Inspiration

These are our family members who inspired us to create MyPetNetwork for you & your family.


Pitbull, 8 yrs old


Australian Shepherd